Rui Yamashita is the artist behind Kangarui. She was born in Japan, raised in Kenya and her life experiences are reflected in each of her designs. A quirky fusion style, filled with colour and often with animals found in East Africa, she wishes to spread her safari love around the world. Her passion has always been to get dirty and be creative by exploring all sorts of materials and tools, playing heavily with layers. Her designs are currently sold at Urban Outfitters, Target, BHG, Houzz, and many other stores worldwide, with her own exclusive line available here.

The name 'Kangarui' sounds like an animal often found in Australia, but it is actually a combination of Kanga (or Khanga, a traditional textile from Kenya, often used as headscarves and sarongs) and her first name, Rui. Kanga-Rui💕

Her passion is to travel. If you are bored and want to get to know her a bit more, check out her tumblog.